Resuscitation establishes and maintains a clear airway by ventilating and providing an extra oxygen supply to the lungs and circulatory system.

What is Resuscitation Therapy?

In Acute and Emergency Care settings, resuscitation may be required to establish and/or maintain a patients independent breathing or assist with ventilation of the lungs in the first time.

Armstrong Medical’s streamlined design incorporates a linear and proportional APL valve.  Incremental pressure and adjustment enhances user feel and control.

The Ultra APL valve is utilised for a sensitive and accurate control of inspiratory pressures.

Benefits include:  Connectability, Accuracy and Safety

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Universal connector ensures easy connection.

Image of the valve on a Mapleson C Circuit


Ultra APL valve offers maximum user control.

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One piece valve and t-piece design eliminates disconnection and incorrect assembly.

Ultra APL Valve

The Ultra APL valve is utilised for a sensitive and accurate control of inspiratory pressures.

T-Piece resuscitation is recommended as the primary method of resuscitation globally to establish and maintain a clear airway while providing extra oxygen to help baby recover.

Benefits include:  Accurate Pressure Control, Antimicrobial Protection and a Complete Solution

Close up of Armstrong Medical T Piece in a resuscitation circuit

Accurate Pressure Control

NeoFlow® resus circuits feature a tactile and proportional PEEP cap that responds accurately to adjustments in pressure to ensure baby gets the safest therapy delivery.

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Antimicrobial Protection

All NeoFlow® circuits have BioCote® protection which helps reduce the risk of infection in delivery suite and NICU.

NeoFlow® VT Infant Heated and Humidified Ventilator Circuits

Complete Solution

NeoFlow® resus circuits come in a range of lengths and with bespoke connection options to ensure the best solution for your hospital. 

Frequently Asked Questions

NeoFlow® T-Piece resuscitation circuits can be configures with your desired connector combination to ensure the 1 device is compatible with the multiple equipment types in your hospital.

Yes.  NeoFlow® T-Piece resuscitation circuits are available in long and extra long lengths to assist with the stabilisation of baby while performing delayed cord clamping (DCC). This means you can use equipment already at hand and not have to purchase DCC specific trollies or platforms.

No. BioCote® is an ingredient that we add during the manufacturing process. Because this makes it integral to the structure of the product it cannot become displaced or harm the baby in any way.

Resuscitation Detailing

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NeoFlow® Resuscitation Limbs

NeoFlow® Resuscitation Limbs are supplied with BioCote®, antimicrobial protection, protecting it from microbial colonisation.

* COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2010/32/EU of 10 May 2010, implementing the Framework Agreement on prevention from sharp injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector concluded by HOSPEEM and EPSU2002

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